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Control systems, industrial automation, conveyors, motors and motor controls along with commercial and industrial electrical contracting


Archenergy services the South West Montana area for renewable energy, solar power, commercial and industrial electrical services and our design and microgrid services are nationwide. Although the name “Archenergy” is new, we have been in the Gallatin County area for over 10 years and have over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry. The owner and lead technician both hold degrees in electrical engineering with one specializing in direct current distribution and both specializing in power distribution. The four areas of expertise we offer are renewable energy, drafting and design, troubleshooting, and commercial/industrial electrical work. These services range from 48V/24V direct current lighting systems to 4160V industrial services. If you are purchasing a new building and need an inspection and analysis done on the electrical systems we can provide detailed reports to help with making decisions on your purchase. If you are purchasing an off grid home or a home with a solar system on it, we can also do an inspection and analysis on the system and provide a detailed report on the system’s current condition. We love technical challenges and coming up with solutions to problems most others can not solve. If you have an electrical issue or need a system designed that requires creativity outside the norm give us a call. We perform all work in strict accordance to the National Electrical Code and strive to provide the most professional work possible.