Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind & Off-grid

At Archenergy Power Technologies, our approach to power is led by a passion in your potential to generate your own renewable energy. We believe every business has an opportunity to generate and own their power as a valuable asset for their company. That’s why we provide comprehensive renewable energy and off-grid solutions through solar, wind, and overall energy storage. We offer end-to-end design, planning, sourcing, and installation of the entire renewable energy process, giving your building a reliable, high-quality sustainable energy solution immediately.

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Worried about relying on one particular energy source?

No need. We install hybrid systems of solar, wind, and storage with grid connections to eliminate most of your electric bill while outfitting you with reliable back-up power in case of outages. When coupled with our automation skills, we can provide you with a system that allows for complete control over where, when, and how your electricity is used, all from one touch location. You can command, oversee, and log your data to monitor how power is generated, what power is used, overall charging time and the general state of each individual battery protecting your investment.

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Why Choose Renewable Energy

While the possibilities that surround power have advanced greatly over the years, our perception of it has not. For over a century, we’ve been paying a lifelong debt to power companies, throwing away money each month on borrowed power. Off-grid renewable energy changes by acting as an investment in an asset. When you invest in generating and owning your own power, you boost your property value, get rid of your monthly debt, and create a sustainable energy solution that uses natural resource alternatives such as sunlight or wind. It’s low maintenance, affordable, and an immediate asset.

You can invest in your own power generation and own something tangible with a value that simultaneously increases your property value, OR, you can throw money away every month for the rest of your life to the power company.

We’ve seen the difference that owning power versus “renting” it from power companies can make for a business. If you want to become energy independent through wind or solar, contact us. Whether you want to handle the construction portion of the installation yourself or rely on our experts, we can help make independent, renewable energy your new reality.

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