Hot Springs

You never know who is going to need automation. All pool operations were consolidated into one easy to use control panel. While pool operations may sound simple, this complex control system was programmed in such a way to prevent any human error that could cause an overload of equipment, overflowing or over-draining of a pool, or the overwhelming of the wells. Instead of having an employee manually operate several valves and pump motors for each stage of a pool’s operation, everything was programmed and built into one industrial control panel consolidating operations down to the simple push of a single button. With a PLC programmed to monitor the state of each pool and control the automated operation, a sequence of operations for one pool would depend entirely upon which stage each of the pool’s were in. Additionally, the control panel incorporated an HMI which displayed the status of all pools and had a password protected screen which provided manual overrides for the wells, pumps, and valves. All of this is connected to the internet for remote monitoring, control, and troubleshooting.

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